Kittio Ends Feline Boredom.

We combine extensive research & development with real cat play testing to develop the best cat toys in the world.

Provide Mental Stimulation.

Encourage Physical Exercise.

Awaken Natural Instincts.

Our Story Goes Like This...

I'm Blake, the founder of Kittio. I've had a cat my entire life. To my friends and family, I'm often referred to as "The Cat Whisperer." 

Everything changed when I adopted my newest kitten, Phoenix. I quickly realized how limited the options were for cat toys. Every single toy was unoriginal, cheaply made, and Phoenix would get bored quickly. These companies only care about having the lowest price possible, sacrificing design and quality. It was so weird to me that nobody had put in the time and effort to make better cat toys.

I started Kittio because I knew we could do better. Kittio is a cat-first brand: we focus on research and design to create toys that meaningfully reduce the amount of boredom experienced by cats. We love cats, and never want them to be bored or left alone without any entertainment. I would like to personally thank you for trusting us with your beloved cats!

Phoenix the cat