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Robo Mouse

1.3k reviews

#1 Top Rated Cat Toy For High Energy Cats

"We Nicknamed Ours 'The Baby Sitter' Because We Can Just Turn It On & The Kittens Are Entertained For Hours!"

1.3k reviews

Kittio's Robo Mouse:

✅ Realistic movements & sounds

✅ Smart steering sensors
✅ Rotating tail with two tail attachments
✅ Motion activated

✅ USB charging

✅ Made with safe & durable materials



Loved by 

15,000+ Cat Parents



Proudly Cat Expert


How Does It Work?

Here's Why Cats Can't Get Enough Of The Robo Mouse

Like all Kittio toys, the Robo Mouse is designed with cats in mind.

Provide Mental Stimulation.

Cats need regular interaction, or they get bored & sad quickly.

Encourage Physical Exercise.

Cats need at least 30 minutes a day of physical exercise to stay healthy.

Awaken Natural Instincts.

Cats love to hunt. Satisfy your cat's hunting instincts with our smart toys.

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Why Is Kittio Best For Your Cats

Robo Mouse

Competitor 1

Competitor 2

Obstacle avoidance technology

USB charging

Realistic sounds & movement

Multiple high-quality attachments

Real animal feathers

Cat-friendly and durable materials

Cat expert approved

Made with love from cat owners

Hassle-free returns

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

See Why Thousands Of Cat Lovers Trust Kittio

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Alex O.
There’s a mouse in the house!

My cat loves her new interactive toy ! She is a Senior cat but still plays with toys . I put it away when not in use and don’t give it to her everyday. The toy is packaged so nicely, I am very impressed with everything from Kittio

Brittney R.
Two Paws Up

My cats love this toy. One of them will sit and try to "catch" the mouse's tail for half an hour as it runs constantly. The other really likes to watch and follow it around the house. It's the best interactive toy I've ever purchased. And trust me, these two spoiled kitties have lots of toys. Recommend!

Mia K.
Blew my expectations out of the water!!

My cat Arnold gets focused on the mouse when its sitting still even... He goes crazy for both tail attachments and absolutely adores the movement. I love the quality of the toy it is not like anything i have ever seen before. GIVE THIS TOY A TRY AND WATCH YOUR KITTIES STAY ENTERTAINED!!


Great toys

Good idea - moves too fast and cats get bored

Cats watch it for a while - but it moves too fast and they get bored. If it had a speed control or could go slower they might be more inclined to play with it. $50+ wasted ;-(

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work on carpet?

It will not move as fast on thick carpet. Best used on any hard surface, but also will still roll over thin rugs and thinner carpet. 

Is this safe for my cat?

Yes! The materials are safe and will not harm your beloved companions.

My cat seems a little bit scared at first. Is that normal?

Yes! Most cats aren't used to interactive toys, so they can take up to a few hours to open up to them. They are curious animals by nature, so make sure to give them some space and let them understand the toy is not a threat. (We have seen lots of cats play almost instantly).

How does it work?

Turn on the device with 2x AA batteries and watch the rotating tail captivate your kitty's attention! The mouse also make mouse noises to spark curiosity, and has a catnip pouch if you want to spice up the fun.

Will my cat get bored of this?

Probably not! Our interactive toys are designed with elements to keep your cat guessing. As always, make sure to cycle out toys during different play sessions to keep it fresh.

How long does it take to receive my order?

We offer fast shipping worldwide at a flat rate of $4.99 for orders under $50, and free for all orders above $50 (all prices in USD). Please refer to the chart below for delivery time estimates based on your location:

CountryShipping Time (Working Days)
United States4-9
United Kingdom3-7
New Zealand5-12

Please note that these times are not guaranteed. We update these every month based on our latest data, however, delays can happen from time to time. Rest assured, we always do our best to get your toys delivered ASAP and to keep you informed along the way.

Thank you for trusting us with your business! Please don't hesitate to email us at hey@kittio.co for help with your order.

How do I return my product(s)?

Contact us by emailing hey@kittio.com to start the process. Please check our refund policy first to see if you are eligible.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept all credit cards, and PayPal.

Where are you located?

Our head office is located at:

17350 State Hwy 249, Ste 220 #5397

Houston, Texas 77064

We fulfill orders from our warehouses in China & USA with express shipping. 

What is Kittio?

We are a brand with two core missions: to create the best cat toys on Earth, and to help save 1,000,000 cats through our donations and other endeavors. Read About Us and Our Mission.

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Our Story Goes Like This...

Our founder, Blake Burnau, created Kittio with the goal to do better than existing cat toys. "We love cats, and never want them to be bored or left alone without any entertainment."

“I’ve had cats my entire life. I quickly realized how limited the options were for cat toys. Every single toy was unoriginal, cheaply made, and my cats would get bored quickly. These companies only care about having the lowest price possible, sacrificing design and quality. It was so weird to me that nobody had put in the time and effort to make better cat toys.

We're In It For The Cats.

Our love for cats runs deep. They are amazing companions who are unfortunately often neglected, unwanted, and killed. More than a million cats enter shelters every year in the US. Even though the majority are healthy or treatable, about 70% are euthanized

We do our part by creating the best cat toys on the market and donating 10% of net profits to help save shelter & stray cats. Read more here

100% Satisfaction Guarantee