"We nicknamed ours 'the baby sitter' because we could just turn it on and the kittens were entertained for ages!"

Robo Mouse

  • Keeps cats entertained for hours

  • Replicates real movements of mouse prey

  • Smart sensors to avoid hitting walls

  • Stimulates natural hunting instincts

  • Made with safe materials


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1,000's of Happy Customers

1,000's of Happy Cats

Free Shipping

Free Returns

1,000's of Happy Customers

1,000's of Happy Cats

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work on carpet?

Yes! The wheels are pretty big and will work on most carpets. Extremely thick carpet can make it move a little bit slower, but most households and apartments will be fine.

Is this safe for my cat?

Yes! The materials are safe and will not harm your beloved companions. 

My cat seems a little bit scared. Is that normal?

Yes! Most cats aren't used to interactive toys, so they can take up to a few hours to open up to them. They are curious animals by nature, so make sure to give them some space and let them understand the toy is not a threat. (We have seen lots of cats play almost instantly).

Will my cat get bored of this?

Probably not! Our interactive toys are designed with elements to keep your cat guessing. As always, make sure to cycle out toys during different play sessions to keep it fresh.

How does it work?

Charge the device with the provided USB cable. Attach either one of the attachments, and watch your cat go crazy!

Will my cat break this?
It could happen over a long period of time. Our toys are built to last, so don't stress: we have your back. If for whatever reason the toy broke quickly (it shouldn't!), we would replace it for you within our guarantee. 

What are cat People Saying? 

We're In It For The Cats!

See why thousands of cat parents love Kittio.

We donate 10% of our profits to help save shelter & stray cats.

More than a million cats enter shelters every year in the US. Even though most are healthy or treatable and should be adopted or returned the wild, over 70% get euthanized. Only around 20% percent of cats that enter animal shelters are ever adopted.

We do our part by creating the best cat toys on the market and donating 10% of net profits to our partner Alley Cat Allies, a 4-star rated non-profit organization.

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